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Accessing New 

Avenues To 

Leverage Existing Wealth

Through strategic alliances with nonbank wealth management platforms, we enable independent and registered financial professionals to expand their service offering to better compete with larger and more fully-resourced institutions. 


Whether you need a small business loan, leasing, investment or consulting services, we can provide you with the expertise and financial traction to keep you on the road to success.

Banking Solutions to Broaden Business 

WE TRANSFORM BUSINESS NEEDS INTO SOLUTIONS THAT GROW WITH YOUR BUSINESS. DH Bancorp has decades of multi-industry banking experience and a technological focus to help our clients achieve sustainable business growth.

Agile, Secure & Scalable Fintech Solutions

OUR PARTNERS BENEFIT FROM OUR FINANCIAL STRENGTH AND INDUSTRY EXPERTISE.DH Bancorp deploys custom payments services merging cutting-edge technology with superior regulatory and compliance infrastructure.

Private Equity

ALWAYS BE DIFFERENT WITH UNIQUE AND INNOVATIVE APPROACHES. Private equity is an alternative form of private financing, in which funds and investors invest directly in companies. Our competitors in the private equity sector make money by charging management and performance fees to investors in a fund. Instead, we risk and earn with our partners or customers by participating in the companies we believe in. Listen to our approach first if you want to sell or buy a company.

Real Estate

COMPETITIVE BRIDGE FINANCING SOLUTIONS. We provide a streamlined, single source of origination, funding, and asset management for loan brokers and clients seeking to purchase and reposition multifamily and other commercial real estate properties. Talk to us if you sell, buy, and develop real estate projects.

Distress Capital

Distressed debt investing—also called distress debt investing, distressed investing, or distress investing—is the process of investing capital in the existing debt of a financially distressed company, government, or public entity. A financially distressed company has an unstable capital structure. We have solutions.


BEING OUR PARTNER IS ALREADY A SUCCESS. A strategic partner is another business entity you agree to share resources with the mission of mutual growth and success. We look for them; we often make them grow first as customers and then credit them as partners. Write to us about you; our next partner can be you.

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