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Responsible investing is an integral part of our culture and a guiding principle. Our long history of commitment to environmental, social and governance principles reflects our fundamental belief that these issues are critical to achieving long-term success and creating ultimate value for our investors.


We are constantly on the lookout for talent, offering a wide range of career opportunities for graduates, experienced specialists and scholars, as well as student internships.

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DH BANCORP provides companies, institutions and governments with innovative, creative solutions and a wide range of consulting and financial products.

Our Investment

Our investment strategy depends on your personal circumstances, including age, capital, risk tolerance and goals. Investment strategies range from conservative to highly aggressive and include value and growth investing.

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We work with innovators, entrepreneurs, industry leaders and their families to help them achieve what they envision and make a difference. We can do the same for you. We offer you meaningful advice for today, tomorrow and future generations. 

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